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Episode 4: The Basics of Creating Graphics and Terrain

Alex and Daniel discuss video game graphics and go over basic concepts of creating 3D meshes and textures in Blender. They talk about the

10 Video Games That Would Make Great Board Games

While there have been a couple good video game to board game adaptions (Gears of War, Starcraft, ect...), there is still a lot of

Episode 2: Board Games vs. Video Games

Daniel and Alex discuss board games and video games. They talk a about the comparisons, the audiences, the advantages, and the disadvantages of each

Episode 1: Now All Your Podcasts Are Belong to Us!

Alex and Daniel launch off the Earth Banana Series and talk a little bit about themselves and how they got into gaming.

5 Alternatives to Real Time Strategy Games

Why would you need an alternative to a real time strategy (rts) game you ask? Because you never had a frickin chance, that's why.