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Episode 4: The Basics of Creating Graphics and Terrain

Alex and Daniel discuss video game graphics and go over basic concepts of creating 3D meshes and textures in Blender. They talk about the

3D Engine From Scratch : The 5 Benefits

In my last blog post I talked about some of the evils of creating your very own 3d graphics engine. There were 5 main

Episode 3: Our First Game “The Marlin”

Alex and Daniel discuss Earth Banana Games first project "The Marlin". They talk about coding the game engine, the toolkit, developing the game play

What is “The Marlin”?

The short answer to this question is that “The Marlin” is the working title for the first game project of Earth Banana Games. Why

Programming a 3d Map with 2d Rendering : A Trick of the Eye

Look confusing? Well that's because the picture above shows all of the tile layers enabled. Take a look at the following picture...