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Custom Characters

Sorry for the lack of updates on the site as of recent. Just wanted to let everybody know that the project is going smoothly

Build and Battle

Build and Battle is the name of our new game that will be released (hopefully) sometime in 2013. It is a 3D turn based

Build & Battle: Terrain Types

As Daniel has been coding like a mad man trying to finish the Toolkit... I have have been modeling terrain tiles in Blender. For

Importing Libraries in to Visual Studio 2010

This week's quick tip is on how to import libraries in to Visual Studio 2010 and use them. To do this you need to

Windows Compatibility Mode

This tip is about getting programs to work on your version of Windows that were not written for your version of Windows, or maybe

What is “The Marlin”?

The short answer to this question is that “The Marlin” is the working title for the first game project of Earth Banana Games. Why

Programming a 3d Map with 2d Rendering : A Trick of the Eye

Look confusing? Well that's because the picture above shows all of the tile layers enabled. Take a look at the following picture...