Build and Battle

Build and Battle

What is Build and Battle?

Build and Battle is the name of our new game that will be released (hopefully) sometime in 2013. It is a 3D turn based strategy miniatures game where players will be able to build custom maps and then battle their armies and units in a number of different game play types.

 How will it work?

There will be two parts to this game. The first part is a toolkit where players can construct a 3D map out of different terrain types including grass, stone, brick, cobblestone, wood, sand, snow, ice, water, lava, and swamp.

TerrainandTreesAlong with a number of different terrain types… players will also be able to add custom objects like trees, doors, rubble, rocks, and those sorts of things.

The Marlin Toolkit

Game Mechanics?

While we are still very early in the development stages of this game we do know that we will be including common miniatures game mechanics like line of site and height advantage. The game will be played like a standard table top game where you pick up your piece… move that piece around the board… pick an opponent to attack… and roll dice to attack while they roll dice to defend… pretty much everything that you would get from sitting down at the table to play.

Platforms and Game Modes:

Right now we are developing a pvp system where players can build custom maps and then challenge other players to battles on those maps. We are currently developing for PC but we are programming with opengl which leaves us the option to adapt the game to mac, app, or any other game platform we want to expand to in the future. It all depends on how this all goes. We are planning on setting this game up with an online server where players can link up to play matches with other people. We would like to add a number of different game modes to play with like capture the flag, last man standing, map control, and more.


One of the coolest things about this game is that we are going to leave the game the ability to accept third party plugins. What that means is that people will be able to take this game and customize it however they want. Characters, terrain, objects can all be added in by anybody that wants to take the time to develop them. We are going to try and make “building customs pieces” as easy as possible by supplying players with the source files for the objects like terrain and characters… and then also providing tutorials on how to make them and add them to the game. By “sandbox” we mean that the game will be open to customization by players and/or other developers.



We need playtesters. As different elements of the game are released we will need people to try them out, help debug them, and give us feedback on how we can make things better. For right now the game is going to remain free (at least through the Alpha and Beta releases). Again… it kind of depends on how the game turns out and whether or not it’s any good. If you are interested in joining the playtesting team them sign up on our homepage or send us an e-mail and let us know. We will make sure to add a place in the credits for those that help us with the playtesting.

So that’s pretty much everything that we have planned right now for the game. We are very much open to questions, comments, and opinions… so let us know what you think bellow.

Latest Comments
  1. Jeremy

    I’m really impressed at where you guys are taking this game! Add me to your list of play testers. I WILL BREAK IT.

    By the way, I love the new name. The Marlin sounded weird haha.

    • Alex Bourne
      Alex Bourne

      Cool, hopefully we’ll have the toolkit ready to start testing by the end of the month.

  2. Justin Diffenderfer

    When you get a Mac version, I’m in. I’d pay up to $60 for this.