Earth Banana:

Earth Banana is a game design company started by Daniel and Alex. They started the company in hopes that one day it would make them extremely wealthy (like Scrooge McDuck wealthy). Actually that’s a really good example. The list of goals that Daniel and Alex have set up for themselves have all been drawn from the life of Scrooge McDuck. Here are a list of the goals they hold themselves to.

1) Monocles, Canes, and Top Hats:

Nothing says “rich douchebag” like a monocle. Monocles, canes, and top hats are like accolades for rich people. You don’t really need them, they just help to make sure that other people know how rich you are. I believe Bender says it best…

… oh that reminds me we need Cigars!

2) Vault filled to the brink with money (equipped with diving board)

Now diving into a vault filled with gold coins may seem like it’s going to hurt(and I’m not going to lie it probably will) , but it’s a good kind of pain so you just need to suck it up and deal with it.

3) Bulldozer inside vault used for pushing around large piles of money

This is where being super rich gets really fun. Whenever you get bored of using your pile of money as a your personal swimming pool you can just jump into the custom bulldozer you had built to push around your money. Why you ask? It’s hard to explain… it’s one of those things that makes a lot more sense once you’ve arrived.

4) No pants ever!

Have you ever notice that Scrooge McDuck never where’s any pants and nobody seems to care? That’s one of the many benefits to being rich, pants become optional.


… so that’s pretty much what Earth Banana is all about. We look at it as an opportunity to make mountains (literally mountains) of money. However if that fails it always works as a great way to excuse our excessive video game playing to our wives. They can’t argue about it if it’s for work… that’s just good science. Anyways if you would like to know more about us then check out the blog and our first project that we’ve started on… “The Marlin”.

Team Members: