Monthly Archive:: March 2013

Episode 5: Build and Battle

Alex and Daniel discuss their new game Build and Battle, a turn based strategy miniatures game. They discuss the progress made so far as

Daily Update : Blue sky and a floating tile

Yep that's right.. some nice blue sky and a floating hex tile. But that's not all I did today - that was actually me

Build and Battle

Build and Battle is the name of our new game that will be released (hopefully) sometime in 2013. It is a 3D turn based

Build & Battle: Terrain Types

As Daniel has been coding like a mad man trying to finish the Toolkit... I have have been modeling terrain tiles in Blender. For

Daily Update : Fixed the grid and added a new dialog

Today I fixed the grid that, to say the least, was pretty choppy. I think the map controls are pretty well settled in now

Daily Update: Movement relative to the camera

Today was all about getting the tiles to move relative to the camera so that when you move your mouse left - the tile

Importing Libraries in to Visual Studio 2010

This week's quick tip is on how to import libraries in to Visual Studio 2010 and use them. To do this you need to

Episode 4: The Basics of Creating Graphics and Terrain

Alex and Daniel discuss video game graphics and go over basic concepts of creating 3D meshes and textures in Blender. They talk about the

3D Engine From Scratch : The 5 Benefits

In my last blog post I talked about some of the evils of creating your very own 3d graphics engine. There were 5 main

10 Video Games That Would Make Great Board Games

While there have been a couple good video game to board game adaptions (Gears of War, Starcraft, ect...), there is still a lot of